Four Tracks (Block Chain, AI, IoT, Healthcare)

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Want to build your own startups, join NECINA NEW 5.0!
Want to find your co-founder and teammates?
Want to connect with investors who share your vision and value for the business?

Have built your company to a certain stage (Series A, B) but want to expand your market, improve your ecosystem and speed up your growth?


How to join ABC-NEW 5.0?

  • Submit your project/company information (Due Date 10/30/2016. Submissions afterwards can still be considered however it is encouraged to join early to take full advantage of the program throughout the year)
  • You will get invited to our monthly meetups - each session you will have opportunities to interact with successful founders, seasoned business professionals, investors
  • Once accepted to NEW 5.0, you will be connected with various opportunities - Legal, Finance, funding opportunities
  • Cash awards to top teams in FINAL, May 2017. (It is a Marathon!)

What is ABC-NEW?

By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs.

The NEW Accelerator is a business accelerator program organized by NECINA, a non-profit organization with 20+ years history of building extensive resources and networks in New England, USA, China and worldwide. It is six month of systematic workshops and rich networking during which the teams meet up monthly at the heart of Boston’s innovation hub. During each event, you will have opportunities to

  • Network with region’s top VCs and entrepreneur community leaders
  • Attend seminars given by industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders on strategy, marketing, leadership, legal and accounting.
  • Present and practice your business plan, and receive live feedbacks from VCs, industry experts and peer entrepreneurs.
  • Create your own social circle and support system of peer entrepreneurs

In addition to the monthly gathering, NEW member companies will:

  • attend selected NECINA conferences and events.
  • attend NECINA Job Fair as vendor to recruit your team members
  • Offer participating teams discount to events offered by NECINA’s peer organizations.
  • cash prizes to top team in each track, scored by our judge panel

Four Focus Tracks of NEW 5.0 Accelerator

  • FinTech Block Chain - Using blockchain in FinTech to solve a business problem in financial industry
  • Machine Learning - Applying Machine Learning technique to solve a real business problem
  • Healthcare IT - Applying hardware or software technicals to solve a pain point in current Healthcare system
  • Internet of Things - A smart usage of IoT technique to enhance a real business case and deliver value

Who Needs to Attend

  • Startup Founding Team – Early stage startup team that needs help improving the business model, recruiting team members, and seeking investment from US and China.
  • Growth Stage Company – Team that has launched its business and is interested in expanding the business impact
  • Professional – Who is interested in participating in startup activities and joining or contributing to these early stage businesses
  • College or Graduate Student – Who is looking to gain experience in startup environment

Our Track Record

  • This is the fourth year that we run the program.
  • We have helped numerous entrepreneurs grow their ideas and businesses, connect them with funding and market.
  • The following is partial list of startups that have successfully graduated from the program:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.50.36 PM

Several Examples of Our Mentors/Speakers

NECINA NEW program has a deep pool of established and proven investors, entrepreneurs, domain experts in corporate management, sales and marketing, as well as legal and finance services. Here are few examples of mentors that participate in our NEW sessions.

EDGAR MARSI, CEO and President at Qualtré IncMentor2Mentor3Mentor4Mentor5Mentor6
CEO and President at Qualtré Inc.
Managing Partner at Strategic Angles
Principal at Fairhaven Capital
Founder/CEO of A Starting Line; Director of Lean Startup
Director of Marketing at Brunswick Laboratories
Divisional Vice President (DVP), General Manager at PTC

Examples of NEW Program Graduates

  • NuVolta Technoloy (Built business strategy throughout NEW program, raised $4M, company is now in the Bay area and Shanghai)
  • AiZhiBo TV (raised $1.2M+, company is now operating in China)
  • SmartWok (Closed angel round, now raising Series A)
  • TVision Insight (closed first round, admitted to TechStar New York. Recipient of 2015 Mass Challenge Award)
  • Blanc – (company sold and exited)
  • Dreamech (Launched and has been operating in U.S.)
  • LeanGap (Launched by ex-NEW program graduate)
  • eShip (Landed in City of Hangzhou, China)

NEW 5.0 Schedule (subject to change)

Monthly Workshop Schedule (we may make adjustment based on needs from companies):

  • (Nov 17 2016) Block Chain Session
  • (Dec  15 2017) AI Machine Learning session
  • (Feb  04 2017) Healthcare Session. Partner with HMS.
  • (Apr  08 2017) IoT Session
  • (May 13 2017) Final Competition for $10K in front of seasoned industrial leaders and investors
  • (Jun  17 2017) Demo Day at NECINA annual conference


Program Contacts:

NEW Program Sponsors

KPMG, HengTian, CUBIC, Kendall Venture, Huawei

Media Partners:

MIT-CHIEF, Harvard Med School


About Hengtian:

Hengtian is a global IT service provider, jointly owned by InSigma Technology, Zhejiang University and State Street Corporation.   Established in year 2004 with headquarter in Hangzhou, China,  Hengtian has over 2000 employees in its Hangzhou and Heifei development centers.   Hengtian’s Boston office supports global business development and customer relationships, as well as driving corporate technology research and innovation.   Today,  Hengtian serves over 50+ global clients worldwide providing services like IT consulting, legacy system modernization, cloud migration, big data analytics, mobile and web development.


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