NEW 3.0

NECINA Entrepreneur Workshop 2014

NEW 3.0

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Have an itching start-up idea, but wondering how to take it to the next step?
Want to find your co-founder and teammates?
Want to enrich your knowledge, complete your business plan and sharpen your presentation skills?
Want to network with your peer entrepreneurs who share your path and passion?
Want to connect with investors who share your vision and value for the business?

What is NEW?

By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs.

The NEW Accelerator is a startup incubator program organized by NECINA, a non-profit organization with 19 years history of building extensive resources and networks in New England and China. It is six month of systematic training and rich networking during which the teams meet up monthly at the heart of Boston’s innovation hub. During each event, you will have opportunities to

  • Network with region’s top VCs and entrepreneur community leaders
  • Attend seminars given by industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders on strategy, marketing, leadership, legal and accounting.
  • Present and practice your business plan, and receive live feedbacks from VCs, industry experts and peer entrepreneurs.
  • Create your own social circle and support system of peer entrepreneurs

In addition to the monthly gathering, NEW will:

  • Offer participating teams the opportunity to join selected NECINA conferences and events.
  • Offer participating teams the opportunity to join NECINA Job Fair to recruit your team
  • Offer participating teams discount to events offered by NECINA’s peer organizations.
  • $1500 to the winner of the final pitch.

Selected Mentors/Speakers:

EDGAR MARSI, CEO and President at Qualtré Inc Mentor2 Mentor3 Mentor4 Mentor5 Mentor6

CEO and President at Qualtré Inc.

Managing Partner at Strategic Angles

Principal at Fairhaven Capital

Founder/CEO of A Starting Line; Director of Lean Startup

Director of Marketing at Brunswick Laboratories

Divisional Vice President (DVP), General Manager at PTC
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Who Needs to Attend:

  • Startup Founding Team – Early stage startup team that needs help improving the business model, recruiting team members, and seeking investment from US and China.
  • Growth Stage Company – Team that has launched its business and is interested in expanding the business impact
  • Professional – Who is interested in participating in startup activities and joining or contributing to these early stage businesses
  • College or Graduate Student – Who is looking to gain experience in startup environment

NEW 2014 Milestones:

  • 10.16.2014 – First Pitch – Create strength and development areas
  • 11.20.2014 – Strategy – Conduct market research, identify customers, create value proposition.
  • 12.19.2014 – Holiday social gathering
  • 01.15.2015 – Legal and Presentation – When and why you need legal services and how to pitch to investors.
  • 02.19.2015 – Executions and Leadership – Introduction to lean startup and how to recruit and lead a team.
  • 03.19.2015 – Fundraising and Finance – How to fund your startup and use equity to motivate team. Introduction to operation profit and loss.
  • 04.23.2015 – Marketing – Use Internet and social media to reach customers and gain feedbacks.
  • 05.21.2015 – Final Pitch – Business plan ‘friendly’ competitions

NEW 2014 Contacts:

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