NEW 1.0

New Accelerator 1.0

NEW Accelerator 1.0 Teams:

  • Sam Yu – Smart Media Center
  • John Wang – Dreamech
  • Ethan Bagley – USpin
  • Cameron Wang & Samip Desai – PhotoBoard
  • Billy Ma & Naren Inukoti – Convenu
  • Lei Yu & Kevin Pan – GroupXi
  • Guy Klages & Roger Dunn – Mobile Hanzi Games
  • Ming Lei & Xiaogang Jin – TimeBank
  • Ru Zheng and Team – Wave Power
  • Daryl Luk – Wait To Win
  • Nicolas Xu – VitaSpider

NEW Accelerator 1.0 Judges:

Timothy Cutler, President and Owner, Cutler P. C.
Assist clients structure business, expert in commercial and employment law
Many years of experience in representing Chinese clients seeking to do business in the U.S.A.
Dustin Dolginow, Principle at Atlas Venture
Early Stage technology investment
Ken Der – Founder and Owner, FAS Corporation
Seasoned finance & strategy planner; Expert in financial operations, risk management, corporate strategy
Passionate about teaching (Adjunct professor of Accounting, Babson College)
John Cushing – Partner at K & L Gates
Consel entrepreneurs and emerging growth and mature private/public companies at every stage of the business life cycle
Ed Arnold – VP Product, LeveragePoint
Founder of LeveragePoint, the only SaaS solution for value-based pricing
Andy Palmer 
7+ Successful Startups in 18 years, Seed Investor at Apptegic, Docphin, Transform Health etc…
Patrick Walsh, Director of Intel Capital
Swrve, iStreamPlanet, Revolution Analytics
Tammy Kahn Fennel, CEO MarketMeSuite
End to end solution for social marketing activities
Peter Stecher, Partner at Gesmer Updegrove LLP, Patent/IP

NEW Accelerator 1.0 Steering Committee:

Tony Tian – Director of NEW Accelerator
Tony is co-founder of Virtual Show Floor, a new service built for the next generation of sales marketing platform. Tony works for Intel Corporation and is deeply involved with next-generation Communications and Storage solutions and infrastructure. He is passionate about contributing to the community and building startups. Tony is also a veteran in building products with proven track records in high volume products/market success and successful market entry for brand new technologies.
Follow Tony on twitter @tiantian365
Mingsheng Hong – Special Strategic Advisor for NEW Accelerator
Mingsheng is Chief Data Scientist at Hadapt, driving the product roadmap and incubating analytic use cases. Prior to this role, Mingsheng was Field CTO at Vertica, an HP company, and was instrumental in its product development and positioning. Mingsheng obtained his Computer Science Ph.D. degree at Cornell University, where he built Cayuga, the world’s first expressive and scalable CEP engine. Mingsheng also co-founded the Microsoft CEDR event processing project, which became the Microsoft StreamInsight technology shipped with SQL Server 2008 and 2012.
In his spare time, Mingsheng is tirelessly working as President of NECINA, a non-profit professional organization focused on promoting technology trends, entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as bridging US and Asia.
Follow Mingsheng on twitter @mingshenghong
Harry Gao – Chairman of NECINA Entrepreneurship
Harry is CEO of GNWLaser in Woburn MA. He has been involved with NECINA entrepreneurship programs for a long time as this is where his passion is. Harry likes to help people and connect with up and coming entrepreneurs. He is currently chairman for all NECINA entrepreneurship programs including YES, NEW and E-Club. He travels a lot.
Connie Dai – Legal and Business Advisor for NEW Accelerator
Connie works for Cutler P.C. She is experienced in many issues that are of potential interests of startups such as business/corporate laws, purchase and sale of business, business and employment litigation. She is very experienced in startups and small businesses. Connie is our go-to-lawyer and her twitter is @yourgotolawyer
Follow Connie on Twitter @yourgotolawyer
Mark Jin – Mobile Application Advisor
Mark is a senior SW engineer at CSR. He is experienced in developing mobile software applications in Java for Android system; Develop encryption algorithm in embedded environment for graphic rendering language. He is experienced in full product cycle, from design, prototyping, implementation, testing to release documentation. He brings much needed hands-on aspect into our program.
BEN Tao – Special Strategic Investment Advisor for NEW Accelerator
Ben is Corporate Development Director at Parametric Technology Corporation. He is a seasoned business strategy and corporate investment professional with engineering roots (Microsoft, Oracle). At NEW Accelerator Ben provides direction in business and product strategy, investment planning, business valuation and partnership development.
Geoffrey Xiao – Special Mobile Strategy Advisor for NEW Accelerator
Geoff is a senior manager at Yellowbook. He has lot of experience in Mobile App and market strategy. Geoff is also Vice Principal for Newton Chinese School, one of the top learning programs in the region. Geoff brings leadership to NEW Accelerator with his vision and expertise in Mobile Strategy and engineering operations.
Delia Wu – Special Marketing Advisor for NEW Accelerator
Delia is marketing lead at NECINA and special marketing advisor for NEW Accelerator. She is a database marketing specialist at EMC. Delia provides leadership in marketing strategy to our program.
Follow Delia on twitter @wdanyan
Jackie Yang – Special PR Advisor for NEW Accelerator
Jackie is special PR adviser for NEW Accelerator and she brings passion and an insanely powerful PR network to NEW Accelerator program


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