NECINA 2017 Annual Conference - Journey to the West

Conference Overview

Ten years ago, China was busy studying latest innovation from USA and applying these to local environment (Google->Baidu, Facebook-> Renren). Many USA companies were “outsourcing” manufacturing, engineering to China. Ten years later, we start to see a reversed trend: manufacturing jobs are moving back to USA, big powerhouses in China now go west, and in some areas technologies and adoptions have leapt ahead of the west (mobile payment, O2O service models).

Coming to the year of 2017 there is continuous growth in multiple industries, from Sharing Economy, Self Driving Car, to Fintech Revolution and Artificial Intelligence. What are the trends and opportunities during this movement? What kind of collaboration will be happening between US and China? What career and business opportunities are there for professionals and entrepreneurs? You are invited to join us and meet with our distinguished speakers and learn some great insights from them.

Conference Ticket includes access to:

  • Conference and Keynote sessions 9am-4pm
  • Company and Startup showcase 9am -4pm

Evening VIP Dinner reception is invitation only and there will be separate ticket distributions. Please contact organizers for inquiries to VIP Dinner.

Conference Chairs 

Andy Li:
Fan Wu:

Main Conference Agenda

Time: June 17, 2017 9am - 4pm

Venue: Radisson Chelmsford, 10 Independence Drive, Chelmsford MA 01824





"Registration, Breakfast, Coffee and Networking
注册, 早餐, 交流"

10:00 - 10:20

"Welcome To NECINA (Conference Co-Chair, Andy Li)
China Consulate - 10 minutes

10:20 - 10:50

"FinTech Innovation in China and Opportunities in USA markets

Robert R. Williams, Chairman, Insigma HengTian Software Ltd 

罗伯特-威廉姆斯, Insigma HengTian 主席"


”Global Economic Trends & Opportunities for China to go west “
Dr. Yunlong ZHao, Chief Strategist at United Nations in Global Economy, Entrepreneur

赵云龙博士, 联合国战略专家"

11:10 - 11:40

“From News Fusion to Content Overseas” 
Partner at  Grand View Capital , Chao Lu

鲁超, 大观资本管理合伙人"

11:40 - 1:00

Lunch Break / Company Showcase 午餐 / 公司展台开放



"Fireside Chat with Tong Zhang ““Building a global Healthcare platform through partnership, investment and M&A”

Tong Zhang, Head of Corporate BD at WuXi AppTec

Interviewed by Tony Tian, President of NECINA and Partner at Kendall Venture.

“跨境并购分享“ 药明康德公司全球商务拓展主管 Tong Zhang


“Cross border Investment and Incubation”  
“跨境的生物科技投资与孵化” - Walter Huang 天津滨海投资公司总裁"


“Strategies for Success in Cross-Border Transaction”  
Linda Ji, Partner at Nixon Peabody 

公司出海需要考虑的各种问题 - Linda Ji, Nixon Peabody 合伙人


"Expert Panel “Promote cross-border Innovation”
CUBIC Boston
Grandview Capital
Coach Wei
Zhiqi Liu"


Awards - YES, NEW winners
高中创业大赛颁奖, 协会创业大赛颁奖

President Review 2016-17

协会会长 Tony Tian 总结
President Plan 2017-18
协会新会长 Andy Li 展望
Officer recognitions and President Award Announcement


峰会结束, 合影


"Networking, Company Showcase
自由交流, 公司展览 

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