Highlights of NECINA Entrepreneur Club (eClub) Event

On May 25th, 2024, at the Lexington Community Center, the NECINA Entrepreneur Club (eClub) held an event entitled "Break Barriers, Build Bridges -- Celebrating Female Leadership," focusing on women's achievements and leadership in entrepreneurship. The event attracted enthusiastic participation from a diverse audience. It was hosted by Yili Dolan, Managing Director of State Street, who expertly guided the conversation and discussions among the guests and the audience.

The four distinguished female entrepreneur guests were Helen Fang, CEO of Acclaro Medical; Chen Wang, founder and CEO of Blue View; Ruihua Liu, CEO of Hill Research; and Helen Yang, founder and CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies. They shared not only their initial motivations for starting their businesses but also the challenges they faced as women on their entrepreneurial journeys and how they overcame them.

  • Original Intentions and Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Helen Fang stated that her motivation to create Acclaro Medical stemmed from her desire to bring advanced medical beauty technology to consumers through her keen business insight and action power. Chen Wang shared that she has always remained passionate and focused on her original intention of being an investigative journalist at Blue View. Ruihua Liu discussed how to help investors better understand their teams during the financing process, especially finding their positioning in a competitive market to secure suitable investments. Helen Yang, from the perspective of a Fintech entrepreneur, talked about maintaining and developing technological advantages by recruiting suitable talents in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

  • Work-Life Balance

These women leaders also shared valuable lessons on balancing work and life. They emphasized that their passion for their careers significantly reduces work-related stress. Good time management and understanding and support from family members were highlighted as key to achieving a healthy work-life balance.

  • Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

At the end of the event, the four guests offered sincere advice to young entrepreneurs. Fang encouraged them to be "ignorant and fearless" and not to fear rejection. Chen Wang emphasized the importance of resilience and confidence in the face of difficulties. Ruihua Liu acknowledged the challenges of starting a business and advised combining work with rest and ensuring reasonable downtime. Helen Yang suggested seeking help when encountering problems, as many like-minded collaborators can be found in the process. The moderator Yili Dolan recommended maintaining consistent expectations when looking for a partner.

The event not only provided the audience with deep insights and inspiration but also reinforced NECINA eClub's commitment to supporting and promoting the development of women entrepreneurs. The success of this event was not only a recognition of these outstanding women leaders but also a role model for all future entrepreneurs.