Alex Wang Discusses Developments in China

Sunday, August 23, 2015

EClub is honored to have Alex Wang, founder of 8D World and past President of NECINA, join us at our August meetup in Woburn on August 14th. We had an interesting and inspiring discussion on a variety of topics, including

1. How children are taught in the US and in China.

2. The boom in investment capital in China. There are many angel investors and venture capitalists, big and small. Not all are knowledgeable, and some will likely be gone after some time.

3. Reverse culture shock, repatriation and identity issues for those who have lived or spend time both in China and in the US.

4. Opportunities for marketing Chinese products in the US for Chinese companies and vice versa.

5. Chinese technology companies that have successfully taken their products global. In software, tools such as Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master have achieved some success but no successful examples yet for platforms like Google or Facebook.

6. Natural language processing technology in China.

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