NECINA Mobile Group

Led by Lin Song and Geoff Xiao, NECINA Mobile Group focuses on mobile solutions and their vast applications impacting people's lives day to day.


02/18/2016 Business Models and Lean Startup (商业模式 和 精益创业)
07/13/2014 NECINA Officers Gathering with NECINA Founder Wufu Chen
02/05/2014 20th MassExport Annual Networking & Business Forum
02/01/2014 2014 NECP Gala - Business Forum
12/07/2013 Medical Device and Diagnostics Innovation Symposium 2013
03/21/2013 NECINA Career Development Seminar
11/19/2012 Career Development SIG: Strategic and Productive Networking
11/01/2012 Seminar: Non-dilutive Financing Options for Entrepreneurs
09/12/2012 NECINA Career Development Seminar
07/19/2012 NECINA Wealth Management SIG Seminar