NECINA IoT Group is focusing on Intelligent Devices and their applications in real business implementation and value-add. Projected to be hundreds of billions of devices, this is an explosively growing industry that has deep roots right here in New England. Led by Anolog Devices and Huawei veteran John Zhuang, Verizon's Nancy Li, as well as Soteria Networks CEO Brandon Chen. NECINA IoT Group has leadership expertise in hardware, software as well as business applications.


02/18/2016 Business Models and Lean Startup (商业模式 和 精益创业)
07/13/2014 NECINA Officers Gathering with NECINA Founder Wufu Chen
02/05/2014 20th MassExport Annual Networking & Business Forum
02/01/2014 2014 NECP Gala - Business Forum
12/07/2013 Medical Device and Diagnostics Innovation Symposium 2013
03/21/2013 NECINA Career Development Seminar
11/19/2012 Career Development SIG: Strategic and Productive Networking
11/01/2012 Seminar: Non-dilutive Financing Options for Entrepreneurs
09/12/2012 NECINA Career Development Seminar
07/19/2012 NECINA Wealth Management SIG Seminar