E Club Meetup – Talent Management

Saturday, August 30, 2014

E Club held our monthly meetup on August 28 in Waltham. The topic was talent management. We were honored to have NECINA president, Ben Tao, join us. Changfeng Wang hosted. Thanks, Changfeng!

We had a great discussion about Business HR challenges and good hiring practices. Some key discussion points:

Ben led a discussion about existing NECINA resources that club members can access, which includes career conferences and training sessions for professionals.

Ben talked about the ongoing job board evaluation and asked for the feedback on the potential service model.

As networking is the most effective ways for startups to find high quality talents, E-club members would like to have more in-depth networking opportunities to tap the NECINA community and find high quality talents. We discussed potential formats, such as happy hours, extended networking time after events, coffee breaks during seminars, etc.

Proposal of mini job fairs at NECINA events were discussed.

The question of how to find partners was raised during the meetup. Ben and Harry mentioned that NECINA NEW program could be a great fit for such needs, as this program provides many networking opportunities with experts in various fields. Charles also shared his experiences of finding his partner. He suggested that whoever looking for partners need to figure out who are the targets and go to professional conferences, trade shows, etc, to connect with them.