YES 7.0

Thursday, May 9, 2013

About YES 7.0

  • 38 students from 17 schools
  • 28 students forming 8 teams competed in the final business plan contest


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Speakers, instructors, mentors and judges

  • Joseph Perry: Regional Innovation Center Manager at IBM
  • Daryl Luk: Board Member of NECINA, Director of Technology Development at ConcentricABM
  • Ethan Bagley: Founder and CEO of USpin
  • Peter Stecher: Peter at Gesmer Updegrove LLP
  • Robert Blasi: Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Trish Fontanilla: VP of Communication & Customer Experience at Vsnap
  • Kenneth Der: President of FAS Corporation
  • Jim Dougherty: HHS Fellow at US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Tom Denniston: Stategic Partner Manager at Dyn
  • Andrea Squiteri: Director of Marketing at Intrepid Pursuits
  • Connie Dai: Strategic Engagement Manager at NECINA, Attorney at Culter Wilensky LLP
  • Ru Zheng: President of NECINA 2013-2014, Professional Trainer certified by Dale Carnegie Association, Global Sales Analysis Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Harry Gao: Chair-person of NECINA entrepreneur programs, founder and CEO of GNW International LLP
  • Jimmy Wang: Board Member of NECINA, VP of Product Development and Funding Team Member at 8D World
  • Ben Tao: Corporate Development Director at Parametric Technology Corporation
  • David Brown: Executive Director at TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good)




  • NECINA YES Runner-up team Convenu was featured by the Boston Globe.
  • World Journal covered YES 7.0 Final Competition at IBM Innovation Center.