NEW 4.0 Workshop: Building Winning Products, Drive Marketing and Sales

NECINA NEW 4.0 April Workshop (Building Winning Products, Drive Marketing and Sales)

When initiating a startup business, there are many factors to understand when it comes to product development, along with sales and marketing.

For example, if someone has a startup to build a mobile app for house searching, there needs to be consideration of the competitive advantages of the app, as well as understanding competitors, Zillow or Redfin. With this mind, should development focus be iOS app first or Android app first or both at the same time? Once the product is designed, what are the app’s targeting customers and how and where to advertise? Additionally, a startup needs to understand what marketing channels are available and how to forecast the sales, etc.

Do you want attain best practices and ideas on how to create a better marketing strategy for your product or business? If so, don’t hesitate to join the NECINA NEW4.0 third workshop focusing on Product, Marketing and Sales. We have invited several distinguished speakers to answer these questions for you. They will share their own experiences and lessons with you.

06:00pm - 09:00pm, Thursday, April 21, 2016.

One Broadway, 15th floor (KPMG)
Cambridge Innovation Center
Cambridge, MA, 02142

5:30 - 6:30pm Networking + Dinner/Drinks (Included with event ticket)
6:30 - 6:35pm Opening remark from NEW 4.0 leadership team
6:35 - 7:15pm Bobbie Carlton, founder of Carlton PR & Marketing and Innovation Nights and Innovation Women
7:15 - 7:55pm Patricio Feder, partner of Magna Lucrum
7:55 - 8:35pm Todd Horton, Founder/CEO of KangoGift.
8:35 - 9:00pm Team pitches and networking

Event Partners
 - CUBIC (China-U.S. Business Innovation Center)
 - MiTi Venture
 - Chengdu ThinkZone
 - Azimuth Ventur