NECINA Call For Donation To Fight Covid-19

Dear NECINA members, extended friends and community:

You can make a difference to this unprecedented fight to Covid-19 with the generous support of NECINA! NECINA is solemnly pledging to match any amount of your donation DOLLOR TO DOLLAR up to an aggregated amount of $45,000 to healthcare facilities most need of protective personal equipment (“PPE”) to cure Covid-19 patients. Out of this enormous matching amount, $25,000 is from NECINA’s reserve, $10,000 is from a senior board of directors, and $10,000 from a NECINA alumni.

NECINA is enthusiastically and aggressively responding to the surging and acute need for PPE by healthcare workers as a result of unexpected exacerbated fight against Covid-19. As of March 28, 2020, 4257 people have been tested positive and 44 death in Massachusetts. Many medical facilities have shortage of PPEs that would keep frontline medical professionals performing their jobs unprotected and unsafely.

NECINA is matching up to $45,000 to the total donation and up to $500 for each donation. We have identified multiple healthcare facilities in Massachusetts who can benefit from your donations and NECINA’s match up funds. NECINA will make our best effort to donate cash and/or PPEs to the healthcare facilities within the next Two (2) weeks.

This is your chance to make a difference in this critical time. We need your donation within the next Ten (10) days as the need is at its peak right now. Your donation is tax deductible. No amount is small amount. Donation shall be sent to NECINA through one of the three ways below:

  • Paypal at
  • BOA ACH Routing 011000138, Account number 000012262852.
  • Pay by check, payable to NECINA, deposit it to Bank of America, Account number 000012262852.

When sending the money, leave your full name, e-mail, and address. NECINA will keep you updated on the total amount of donation, and the specific amount and/or number and types of PPEs being delivered to which healthcare facility.

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Contact Harry Gao, President of NECINA, at for any inquiries.