New England Chinese Information and Networking Association (NECINA)

NECINA is a place for you to Connect, Create and Grow. Founded in 1996, NECINA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization that connects and empowers professionals of all age and all disciplines in New England and beyond, through learning and embracing new technology and latest innovation, facilitating entrepreneurship, and enhancing career and professional skills. NECINA also serves as a platform for our members, volunteers, sponsors and partners to networking and building long lasting professional and social relationships.

Our Missions

  • Empowerment: Empowering individuals and businesses through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership Development: Nurturing leadership skills, fostering career advancement, and facilitating networking opportunities. 
  • Inclusive Communities: Cultivating inclusive, well-informed, and engaged communities.

Our programs will primarily consist of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership & Career Development. Read about our programs, find what fits you and join NECINA today.

1 Promote technologies and Innovations

Necina Technology Conference (NTC) - Vision & Trend

We will host several technology conferences featured by leaders in academic and/or enterprises of a particular industry or a technology. It will offer you insights and analytics of the latest innovation trend, its application, and often times, topics centered interdisciplinary fields. Learn about our past Technology Conferences here https://www.necina.org/content/conferences

ABC Transform Workshop (ABC) - Digital Transform

with AI Bigdata Cloudcomputing digital transforming everything

SIG Disruptive Workshop (SIG) - New Disruptives

with Special Interest Groups, something new and disruptive

2 Foster entrepreneurship and leadership

Necina Innovation Challenge (NIC) - Innovate

NECINA launched a revolutionary Necina Innovation Challenge competition since October of 2020. The challenge is open for individuals or a team of individuals of 16 and older. Our goal is to stimulate and encourage creative and innovative ideas to alleviate a pain or respond to a need in a product or process. You will have access to NECINA’s vast resources to help turn your idea to a feasible solution. 

Career & Leadership Development (CLD) - Influence

NECINA’s Career & Leadership Development has been one of the well-attended career summits in New England region organized by professional nonprofits since 2014. Each year round 150 - 200 attendees of recent graduates, young professionals and mid-career advancers would exploit speaker sessions, industry panel discussions, mock interviews, resume critiques, and job fair. Please click Here for details. NECINA has realized early on that professional qualities particularly leadership skills are central to successful career and personal advancement. Our members have had the opportunities to hear from company executives and career coaches on tips and ways to improve these capabilities.

Youth Entrepreneurship Service (YES) - Inspire

One of our prominent Entrepreneurship programs is the Youth Entrepreneurship Services (YES). This term will mark the seventeen (18th) year for YES! It is specifically designed for high school students to learn and form a framework about how to start a business. Students will also develop essential skills and qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur. IBM has been the proud sponsor and followed by Thermo Fisher Scientific etc. learn about our past YES program here. https://www.necina.org/content/yes-yes-18

3 Facilitate networking and connections

Provide networking opportunities throughout all events and programs, chapters and clubs.

Necina Entrepreneurs Club (eCLUB) - Impact

Since 2011, eCLUB has been a consortium of founders and executives of established companies. The mission of the eCLUB is to help member companies grow in scale and acquire business opportunities by connecting them to successful entrepreneurs, financing sources, service providers as well as suppliers and strategic partners. eCLUB has a track record as a social network platform for all interested parties to share and exchange knowledge and success stories. Learn more about eCLUB here.


Necina Innovators Club (iCLUB) - Connect

For those of you that want to finetune your “geek” skills, iCLUB is for you. It is a special interest group where all participants will perform “hands on practices” of a particular technical task, sometimes to resolve a real-world solution. An expert with superior or advanced skill in this area will be the iCLUB’s facilitator.

Also, various NECINA local chapters across the New England (NH-RI-CT-NY-NJ and beyond)